Be a Prayer and Just be Calm

Believe me, God will save you from harm
Through scary nights, through evil damn
Be a prayer, and just be calm
God is there with His open arm

Thank God I Still Pray

What is life when there’s no faith
Nothing to trust from day to day
Look up to the sky, wonder how it made
Thank God – I still pray.

When we Pray For Others

When We Pray for Others,
GOD Listens to You and Bless Them.
So When You are Safe and Happy,
Remember that Someone is
Praying For YOU

A Beautiful Woman

A Beautiful Woman
Uses Her Lips For Truth
Her Voice For Kindness
Her Ears For Compassion
Her Hand For Charity
Her Heart For Love
For Those That Don’t Like Her,
She Uses Prayer

More Time to Pray

Don’t Pray to Have
More Time to Live.
Live to Have
More Time To Pray.

Mark Amend

I Am Lost and I am Confused

Ya Allah
I Am Lost And I Am Confused
Darkness Is Not My Place
I Want To See And I Want To Live
And I Can Not Live Like This
Show Me The Light The Light That Shines So Bright
And Show Me The Path To My Future
A Future Full Of Happiness And Peace
Show Me The Path To A Place
A Place Where I Can Fly Free
Send Me The Love That Will Last For Eternity
Let Me Not Forget Why I Am Here
For You Are The Reason I Want To Live
So Ya Allah
Show Me The Path That Leads Me To
Your Way!
Aameen Ya Rubbul Almeen.

Dua is The Shield of Believer

Dua is the shield of a believer.
If you keep knocking on the door of divine mercy,
it will be opened to you.”

Every Exams in Your Life

Rain of Summer, Snow of Winter,
Grace of Autumn, Glory of Spring,
May Beauty of Every Season
Give ur Heart a Beautiful Reason to Smile.
May God Succeed you in Every Exams of ur Life.
Good Luck and All The Best

A Prayer Can Go Where I Cannot Go

A prayer can go where I cannot go.
Through Prayers i can be with you
without being There.
I may be miles away
but my prayers
Will always be with You.

Eid Mubarak!!

Oh Allah You Are My Lord

Oh Allah, You are My LORD.
There in none worthy of worship but YOU
You Created Me and I am Your Slave,
I Keep Your Covenant and my Pledge to YOU
As far as I am Able.
I Seek Refuge in You From the EVIL
of what I have done.
I admit to Your Blessings upon Me and
I admit to my Misdeeds.
Forgive my SINS, for there is none
who may forgive SINS but YOU …