Whom Did U Like Very Much

Mom Asked:
Whom did you Like very Much Me or Your Lover?
Son’s Cute Reply: I Don’t Know.
But When I see you I Forget My Lover
When I See My Lover I Remember You !

With You Love For Me

Over The
Mountains and Seas,
Your River Runs
with Your Love For Me …!

Rest of My Life With You

We’re only getting started,
But I already know I want to
Spend the rest of my life with you ..!

Happy New Year My Sweetheart 😛

For The Rest of My Life

I Wanna You Today,
And Tomorrow,
And Next Week …
And For The
Rest of My Life ..!!!

A Cute Proposal by A Lover

“A Cute Proposal By A Cute Lover

My Name is I,
My Problem is Love,
My Solution is You … 😛
Think Deeply

Most Prestigious Trophy I Eved Had

Most Touching Words:
I Know you Were The Most Prestigious Trophy I Ever Had
But Sometime Feel I Was The Game That You Played..

Kissing You All The Night

Don’t Use Yo Blanket Just Think About My Love it Will Warm You,
Don’t Use Pillow Just Think About My Hands it Will Trap Your Head,
Don’t Close Yo Mouth I Will Be Kissing You All Night.
Good Night, I Love You

Romantic Love Quotes – Still Loved

Those Who Love Don’t Do Away,
They Walk Beside Us Every Day,
Unseen, Unheard, But Always Near,
Still Loved, Still Missed & Very Dear.

Short Love Quotes For Her

Sometimes I Wonder
If Love is Worth Fighting For,
But Then I Remember Your Face
And I’m Ready For War .. 😛