Love is Sweet and Honey

Love is sweets and honey
Love is sometimes for your heart
Love is sometimes for the money
Love is passionate
Love is blind
Love is destined
Love is cruel and kind
Love is forever
Love is for a night
Love is fading
Love is at first sight
Love is unrequited
Love is for another
Love is not returned
Love is not to be smothered
Love is dangerous
Love is right
Love is wrong
Love is a fight
Love is complicated
Love is here and there
Love is in you and me
Love is everywhere
Love is broken
Love is true
Love is for me
Love is for you.

Staying in Love with Someone

Staying in Love With Someone

Even If U Know

U Can’t b Together in Future

Is Like

Standing in Rain

U Know
U Are Gonna b Sick

Still You Stand There
It Feels Great ….

Love Doesn't Need Reasons

Girl asked her Boyfriend
GF: Why do you love me?
BF: I have no reason.
GF: No. Give me a reason.
BF: Oh .. okay. “Because you’re
beautiful, caring and attractive.
Girl was satisfied,
Then one day she got sick and
look Terribly Thin, Pale and
GF: Do you still love me?
BF: Now that you’re not pretty
and attractive do i have a reason
to love you?
Girl Cried.
The boy hold her hand and say.
BF: Now you Understand?
Love doesn’t need reasons.
I Love u and still love you no
matter what Happens.”

I Just Need Your Hug Right Now

Boyfriend : Hello ?

Girlfriend : oh hey baby ūüôĀ
Bf : U alright ?

Gf : I will be fine ūüôĀ i promise
Bf : I know there’s something wrong baby u can tell me

Gf : I just need your hug right now
Bf : Could u wait till tomorrow when i see u ?

Gf : Yeah…
Bf : Shows up at her door

Gf : baby ? what r u doing here in d middle of d night ?
Bf : i couldn’t go a night knowing my baby needs comfort .


Always Be Careful

BOY: A, B, C
GIRL: What?
BOY: Always Be Careful
GIRL: ahan then?
BOY: D, E, F, G
Girl : ??
BOY: Don’t Ever Forget That
GIRL: Forget That
BOY: I’m H, I
Girl: What H, I ?
BOY: Happily In-love
GIRL: so
BOY: J, K, L, M, Just Keep Loving Me
GIRL: and how about N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z ?
BOY: No Other Person Quite, Reasonable,
Shall Treat U Very Well Xcept me You’ll Zee

I Would Give up Happiness

I would give up happiness to Never see you sad,
I would give up eternity to be with you always ..
I would give up my life so that yours would be new
I would give up everything …. except you … ???

An Entire Life To Forget Them

Life is Too Short ….
They say it takes a minute
to fine a special person ..
An hour to appreciate them
A day to love them ..
But then an entire life
to forget them ….

Somebody Starts Loving You

When you start caring about YOURSELF,
You start loving SOMEBODY


When you start caring about OTHERS,
Somebody starts loving you