By Touching Someones Heart

You can never change the past nor control the future,
But u can change the mood of the day
By touching someones heart with your smile.

If You Walked Away I would Die

I asked you if I was PRETTY, U said NO ..
I asked you if I was FAT, U said yes of course
I asked if you WANTED to be w/ me forever, U said NO ..
I asked you if u would CRY if I walked away, U said NO ..

I had heard too much, and need to leave and as I walked away …

U grabbed my arms and told me to stay and said …

You’re not PRETTY, You’re Beautiful
The only thing FAT or BIG about U is UR Heart
I don’t want to be w/ U forever, I need to be w/ U forever
And, My Love, I wouldn’t CRY if U walked away …
??? I would DIE ??? …